Got a question that's really been bothering you?  Don't know what to do?  Are you wondering if the universe is endless?  Want to know what kind of shoes Matthew wears? Just ask Landfall.  

Latest Questions:

Mark asks Landfall -- "How is the new album coming along?"

Rick Slater asks Clint -- "Are you available for personal fashion consultations?"

Rick Slater asks Clint -- "Do you pluck your eyebrows? They're beautiful!"

Hum asks Angela -- "Do you prefer an Astronaut?"

Hum asks Landfall -- "Are you all still alive?"

Hum asks Angela -- "Have you ever missed the train to mars because you were out back counting stars?"

Mr. Kamikazi asks -- "is your dream bass player the girl from white zombie? mine too!"

Charles asks -- "Ever thought about getting another bass player?"

DJ Curly Fry asks -- "Have you ever seen the rain coming down on a sunny day?"

Haeosi T. asks -- "Where did you guys go to high school?"

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